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As a North American & Canada authorized and ISO 9001:2008 Registered distributor of Tri-Mag, Power Sources Unlimited brings you the best in product selection, assistance and product pricing for your power requirements.

Top Power Supply Manufacturer, Tri-Mag, Offers Superior Custom Power Solutions

Tri-Mag, LLC is a power components manufacturer founded in 1980. Based in Visalia, California and now headquartered with Curtis Industries in Milwaukee, WI.  Tri-Mag, LLC has been manufacturing quality power conversion components, from EMI filters to power supplies, since its inception. We offer a wide selection of standard power electronics and power systems along with custom design services to ensure we have the component to meet the requirements of your unique application.

Now Subsidiary of Curtis Industries

Tri-Mag, LLC is now a subsidiary of the leading manufacturer of electrical components, Curtis Industries.  Our full line of power supplies and DC-DC converters are now a part of the Curtis family of products and our EMI/RFI filters are a great addition to Curtis’ quality line of filters, terminal blocks and interconnect solutions. Partnering to offer an even more comprehensive line of products, Tri-Mag, LLC and Curtis Industries are truly your number one resource for electrical components and power conversion solutions.

Tri mag is proud to provide our custom designed electrical components to many different outlets of the industrial sector.  Our products are designed with efficiency in mind, making them ideal power supplies for industrial applications including:

  • High-efficiency LED lighting
  • Industrial machinery
  • Casinos and gaming
  • Medical equipment

We work with all of our industrial partners to formulate electrical solutions that best coincide with their individual production needs.  Our customer service is exceptional, and Tri-Mag’s record of positive consumer feedback speaks for itself.  

Tri-Mag's Commitment to our Customers

  • A commitment to power technology and making it work for you in every aspect.
  • A commitment to advanced manufacturing to meet your increasing demands for quality, delivery, and cost.
  • A commitment to power products and service to meet the diverse needs of our customers now and in the future.
  • A commitment to being a world class manufacturer of power products dedicated to the future.
  • A commitment to providing the quality your system deserves.