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The two most common types of UL marks are recognized and listed. The differences are discussed in this review.

UL Listed

UL listing means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and has determined that it meet's UL requirements. These requirements are based primarily on UL's published and nationally recognized standards for safety. Standards for safety include both construction and performance requirements. Products bearing this mark are typically complete systems of equipment or materials. When installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, they must be compliant to model codes such as the national electrical code (NEC) which governs the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment. The UL listing mark is the most common of the UL certification marks.

Correct References for UL listing:

•    UL Listed or UL Listed to Canadian safety standards.
•    This product is Listed to applicable UL standards and requirements.
•    This product is Listed by UL, representative samples  have been evaluated by UL and meet the applicable UL standards.

Incorrect References for UL Listing

•    UL Approved
•    This product has earned the UL Listing Mark
•    UL Listing Pending
UL Recognized

A recognized component is one that's tested for it's intended use in a complete system. These components are only intended for incorporation into other end-use products that may be eligible for UL's listing or other certification services. Because UL recognized components are intended for specific applications, the symbol consisting of  a UL in a circle can never be used in connection with the advertising or promotion of products that are UL recognized. UL recognized components can be used to build UL listed end products provided that the manufacturer adheres to the conditions of acceptability (COA) that determine how the recognized component can be used in an end product. A recognized component does not need to be retested for the end product certification, as long as the limitations of the part is understood and the conditions of acceptability are met. If a recognized component is used outside of the conditions of acceptability re-testing of that component'safety is necessary.

Correct References to UL Component Recognition:

•    UL Recognized Component
•    Recognized under the Component Recognition Program of UL
•    This Component is recognized by UL. Representative samples have been evaluated by UL and meet the applicable UL standards.

Incorrect References to UL Component Recognition:

•    UL Approved Component
•    Exceeds UL requirements
•    UL Classified Component
•    UL Listed Component
•    UL Certified Component

Example of UL listed Power Supply and Power Supply as a Recognized Component

Power Partners PPWAM 360 Series qualifies as a UL Recognized
component for Canada and the US. It meets the UL standards for
Medical and ITE safety. The component can be used in  Medical or
ITE equipment and systems.

Power Partners PEAD 72 Series qualifies as a UL Listed
product for Canada and the US.  It can be used as a
stand-alone product/system for ITE applications.