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The Medistax® family of switch mode power supplies provides up to 1340W of modular and configurable power in an extremely compact 1U high (40mm) package, with up to 12 isolated outputs per unit.

Employing an innovative plug & play architecture the Medistax® range combines feature-laden front-end power units with slide-in output converter modules, that allows configuration of a custom power solution in less than 5 minutes.  The MM1U Medistax® medical range and MF1U are also fully approved to the latest EN60601 3rd Edition standard.

Ultra high efficiencies of over 90%, which reduce system thermal load by more than 50% and high power density of 16W/in³ are made possible through the combination of low loss technologies and the best field-proven technologies in planar magnetics and surface mount electronics.

The range consists of multiple chassis, available in standard format and also versions with lower acoustic noise for office applications. Each unit may be populated with up to 6 power modules which can be combined in series and parallel to achieve the exact voltage and current combination required.

Powerstax also offers the extreme flexibility in a 19″ rack format through our A3600 series, which can be rapidly configured and deployed in your application.

Mechanical Outline of Multistax® SMPS
Multistax® Hi-Rel MIL-COTS
(pdf format 580k)
Medistax® Standard
(pdf format 758k)
Medistax® Low Noise
(pdf format 758k)
Medistax® Ultra Quiet
(pdf format 758k)


Family Vmin Vnom Vmax Imax Watts*
Mx1 1.5 2.5 3.6 50A 125W
Mx2 3.2 5 6 40A 200W
Mx3 6 12 15 20A 240W
Mx4 12 24 30 10A 240W
Mx5 28 48 58 6A 288W
Mx7 5 24 28 5A 120W
Mx8v1 5 24 28 3A 72W
Mx8v2 5 24 28 3A 72W
Mz1 1.5 2.5 3.6 40A 100W
Mz2 3.2 5 6 36A 180W
Mz3 6 12 15 18.3A 220W
Mz4 12 24 30 9.2A 220W
Mz5 24 48 58 5.0A 240W
Mz7 5 24 28 5.0A 120W
Mz8 5 24 28 3A 72W
Mz9 10.8 12 15.6 12.5A 150W
Mz10 19.2 24 26.4 8.3A 200W
Mz11 28.8 36 39.6 5.6A 200W
Mz12 38.5 48 50.4 4.2A 200W

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