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DPAC1U Series AC circuit breaker panels provide AC distribution and overload protection for two to eight circuits. They may also be used with other inverters or AC power sources.

The maximum output current capacity from each A or B section is 50A, or a total of 100A from both. Individual circuit breaker capacities may be chosen from 5A to 30A for Option T or 5A to 15A for Option C. Any combination of breakers may be selected as long as the total current capacity of 50A for each section is not exceeded. In the standard dual model (with sections A and B) the two sections are connected in common (parallel). An optional model is available with the A and B sections isolated.

There is a choice of barrier terminal strip input and output connectors (Option T) or NEMA 5-15R output receptacles with Positronics input connectors (Option C).

The panels are only one rack space (1.75 inches) high and come with brackets that permit mounting in either a 19- or 23-inch relay rack. They can be mounted from the front of the rack with offsets every quarter inch front to back to align with existing rackmounted equipment.

Features and Options

    One Rack Space High: 1.75”
    19- or 23-Inch Rack Mounting
    Terminal Block or NEMA 5-15R Outputs
    Voltage: 120VAC or 230VAC Nominal
    Up to 8 AC Circuits with Breakers
    Single (A) or Dual (A & B) Sections
    50A AC Per Section (100A Total)
    Common or Isolated A & B Sections
    A & B Can Be Separately Configured
    AC Breaker Capacities: 5A to 30A
    Up to 4 Inverter Inputs
    Rack Offset Every ¼” from Front to Back


* Datasheet
* Manual

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