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The CoolX600 Series is the new, revolutionary, convection-cooled modular power supply that delivers an incredible 600W without fan assisted cooling from a very compact 8.5 x 4.5 x 1U package.

The only fanless modular power supply on the market, the CoolX600 offers system designers best in class performance for efficiency and reliability in addition to the most comprehensive feature set and specifications available.

Powerstax is delighted to have been appointed to distribute this exciting new product and as a key value-add partner to offer complete power assemblies and custom designs using the CoolX600 as the main power engine.


  • NFF Series; No Fan Featured
    • 100% natural convection cooled
    • No internal or externals fans needed
    • No base-plate needed
  • No Acoustic Noise or Vibrations & break
    through level Reliability
  •  High Input Surge Protection
  •  Reverse Energy Protection
  • 24W Standby Power
  • Safety Approved to 5000m Altitude
  • >93% Efficiency
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Medical: Clinical diagnostic equipment, Medical lasers, Dialysis equipment, Radiological Imaging, Clinical Chemistry
  • Industrial: Test and Measurement,
    Industrial Machines, Automation equipment,
    Printing, Telecommunications,
    Audio equipment
  • Hi Rel COTS: Harsh Industrial Electronics, Radar (Naval, Ground Based), Communications, Test & Measurement
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